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Celebrating Europe Day by registering to the 26th EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference Libraries bridging borders

09 May 2018


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Europe is at a crossroads in its history. Over the past couple of years, political tensions have risen among the citizens of Europe and globally. Governments throughout Europe have been taking various steps and measures to open or close down their borders to refugees.

Meanwhile, terrorism has had a huge impact throughout the continent, challenging the free circulation of people in the EU, whereas the development and spreading of Fake News is challenging how people are accessing information. At the same time, the mass digitisation of our world, and the advancement of the sharing economy is impacting the way citizens access culture and challenges the notion of borders itself.

68 years ago, on 9th May 1950, Robert Schuman declared that “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity."

This de facto solidarity is reflected in the infrastructure of the existing 70000+ libraries in Europe that are increasingly working in an international and cross-border environment, be it related to countries, disciplines, preservation, knowledge or copyright and ensuring free access to information to European citizens.

With this in mind, the EBLIDA-NAPLE Libraries bridging borders conference will offer a unique opportunity for information specialists from all over Europe (and beyond) to think this through.

Starting on May 30th with a reception in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to celebrate 60 books for the summer together with PL2020, the conference will follow on May 31st with a subtle mix of keynote speech, panel discussions and practical workshops addressing the issues from a wide variety of views.

The full programme is available here, so don’t hesitate and treat yourself in celebrating Europe Day by registering to the 26th EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference Libraries bridging borders now.

Registration is open until May 15th 2018.


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