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Have your say in the EU Copyright Consultation

15 January 2014

Although 500 million inhabitants could participate in the review of the EU Copyright rules, it is most probable that mainly only informed people, devoted NGO’s and strong lobby organisations will take time to respond.

For a long time already, we, librarians and information specialists, have claimed that copyright reform is needed at the European level. In an increasingly fast changing environment, we cannot work anymore with rules created before the Internet age.

With the consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules, the European Commission is providing us with an ideal opportunity to have our say on where the concrete and real changes need to happen.

You have until the 5th of February to answer this consultation.

EBLIDA strongly recommends that you use the collaborative platform, which is a result of the cooperation of organisations within C4C.

This Answering Wizard  will help you to navigate your way through the process efficiently.

Although the information appears to be available in several language, full options are available in English only.

Please spread the information within your networks, and encourage your communities to respond to the consultation.

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