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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information and documentation associations and institutions in Europe.

EBLIDA Strategy 2013-2016

03 June 2013

After submission by the Executive Committee, the EBLIDA Strategy 2013-2016 has been approved by the EBLIDA Council at the 21st Council Meeting, Milan, Italy, 14th May 2013.

President’s Foreword to the EBLIDA Strategy

For several years, the library and information community has been facing major challenges both from the outside world (the development of the Internet, the dominance of market-oriented policies and competition factors, severe budget cuts…) and from within (a library landscape with many different levels of development, a multiplicity of representative structures, the evolution of library and information services towards more user-focused approaches, new missions …).

To better tackle these challenges and support its members in building an inclusive and prosperous Europe where information is shared and accessible to each citizen through publicly funded structures like libraries and information centres, EBLIDA identifies 3 Key Policy Areas that are:

  • Bridging libraries in Europe
  • Enhancing access to information
  • Ensuring sustainability

This strategy aims at being the driving force leading the work of EBLIDA for the next three years as well as the mechanism around which collaboration with partners will be defined and resources allocated.

These key policy areas will be implemented through yearly work plans which will constantly be monitored and assessed by the Executive Committee (three times a year), checked against the experience and expertise of the Expert Groups and Task Force (permanent follow-up) and reviewed by Council members (once a year). I truly believe that by endorsing this strategy, EBLIDA members will benefit from concrete results and also enable a broadening of the EBLIDA network.

Klaus-Peter Böttger
President of EBLIDA

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