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A Copyright fit for the Digital Age: momentum building

16 March 2017


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Yesterday, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France), Library and Cultural Heritage Institution’s experts and MEPs set out a path towards a Copyright reform that will empower Europe's over 100 million library users.

With crucial deadlines approaching for the European Union’s Copyright Reform Package, participants asserted the need for an ambitious response to the challenges faced by libraries in the digital age. If we succeed, Europe’s over 100 million library users will benefit from rules that foster creativity and innovation, support improved access to knowledge and Europe’s diverse cultural heritage.

MEP Therese Comodini Cachia opened the session, highlighting the crucial role that libraries play in building strong local communities and a vibrant and inclusive European culture. She underlined her ambitious approach to the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, by increasing the number of beneficiaries to the exception on Text and Data Mining. She recognised the importance of empowering cultural heritage institutions to digitise content and making it available so that all can benefit. She declared herself a proud member of the MEP Library Lovers Group and encouraged other MEPs to join.

Experts underlined the need for a change to allow on the premises access to digital works, e-lending, document supply and mass digitisation of out of commerce works. The MEPs present engaged strongly indicating their support for the work of libraries.

MEP Catherine Stihler concluded that Europe needs a better legal framework for libraries and that she would continue to encourage her colleagues to join her in this. She finally congratulated the speakers and organisers for their great work.

Jean-Marie Reding on behalf of the EBLIDA Executive Committee, declared that:

“Copyright remains a challenge for our institutions and for European citizens. And we, librarians and Cultural Heritage professionals, are fully committed to a balanced and effective reform. Libraries have been amongst the most enthusiastic in seizing the opportunities provided by digital technology in the 21st century. We need a legal framework that is fit for purpose and benefits all of Europe’s library users”.

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