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Save Copyright Reform

28 May 2015


The campaign website Save Copyright Reform (German version here), created by the people from offers you the opportunity to select proposals you would like to address to MEPs.

Save Copyright reform

At EBLIDA we advise you to select at least 2 proposals as follows:


  • Extend you rights beyond borders

    (click "I want this"). This is about harmonising exceptions and limitations and making them mandatory across the EU.
  • Enable libraries to do their job online

    (click "I want this"). This is about allowing libraries to lend e-books.


We are working on the amendments related to libraries and are following-up with MEPs on this, but we need your support to make it a success. Of course other proposals are important too, and you are welcome to discuss as you see fit.

It would be great if each of your national associations could contact the MEPs from your countries and ask them to support the report.


See details on the website

We are only 18 days away from voting on the report for the need for reform of the Copyright Directive (Infosoc) by the European Parliament  JURI Committee, and every vote counts.

We thank you again for your support.


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