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Press Release: Public Libraries in Europe Welcome Refugees

21 September 2015

Throughout Europe, public libraries have a proud tradition of welcoming everyone, regardless of ethnic origin.

Libraries welcome refugees arriving into European countries with plenty of activities for both children and adults, as well as access to information and education.

Danish public libraries welcome the Syrian refugees


As the Danish Library Association announced in its recent  Press Release:

"We cannot promise that there will be enough books in the languages of the refugees in all libraries, but librarians will do their best to ensure that refugees feel welcome. Danish libraries have for many years - with great success - worked hard on integrating resident refugees, immigrants and their descendants are today diligent visitors at Danish libraries.

Therefore, the local libraries are also ready to take on the new guests in the various municipalities and librarians will do everything they can to make them feel safe. Not only children but also adults - everyone is welcome”.

EBLIDA understands the concerns of some countries in dealing with the refugee crisis and acknowledges that careful consideration requiring governmental measures at European and local level are necessary to facilitate the mass migration. At the same time, EBLIDA believes that libraries all over Europe should act as a platform for democratic and open-minded values, and be a safe place where social inclusiveness for all is a priority.

EBLIDA hopes that libraries throughout Europe will follow the same path as Danish libraries.


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"Refugees are welcome to Linköpings stadsbibliotek"

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