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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.


The new EBLIDA website is now live

02 July 2012
After the 20th anniversary of the association, the new EBLIDA website is a step further towards a better visibility of EBLIDA, and an improved communication with our members just after the date like below? Read more >

EBLIDA newsletter July-August published

02 July 2012
Page 2: News round-up: E.U.: Europeana Newspaper Project, The European Library and Arrow; Page 3: News round-up: EBLIDA and Europe: From DG INFSO to DG CONNECT Page 3: News round-up: EBLIDA and Europe: The copyright challenge: Re-defining Intellectual Property Rights– Exceptions, Limitations, "Fair Use". Read more >

EBLIDA participated in an EU Public Library Advocacy roundtable in Brussels

26 June 2012
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) organised a roundtable on the question of an EU Public Library Advocacy. For 6 months, BMGF analysed the EU2020 programme to find out where potential financial resources could be available for libraries and how libraries could be added on the EU2020 agenda. Read more >

A response from Information Sans Frontières to the final compromise text of the Orphan Works Directive

22 June 2012
Information Sans Frontières has assessed the potential impact of the Orphan Works Directive (based on the final compromise text) on its constituency of members, namely the public archives, film and sound institutes, galleries, libraries, museums and similar cultural institutions of Europe. Read more >

Re-defining Intellectual Property Rights– Exceptions, Limitations, “Fair Use”

20 June 2012
Luigi Berlinguer (Italian MEP) declares that: “Libraries are the place where you can access to books without buying for them. This should be expanding to the digital world. It is necessary to change the copyright to adapt it to the digital era. Copyright should not be an obstacle to the diffusion of Culture”. Read more >