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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.


EBLIDA response to the European Commission’s Green Paper: Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

01 July 2010
According to the definition in KEA's 2006 report for the European Commission, "The Economy of Culture in Europe", libraries form a sub-sector of the Core Arts Field of the cultural sector. They are a non-profit making part of the industry but valuable nonetheless and we believe that any consultation in the field of culture should not ignore them. Read more >

Volcanic ash crisis - European Commission's page of FAQs

21 April 2010
The development of new technologies underpinning the knowledge economy calls for a review of the copyright aquis. Together, we need to create greater incentives to maximise creativity, innovation, education and access to culture, and secure Europe’s competitiveness. Read more >

Volcanic Ash Crisis: Frequently Asked Questions

20 April 2010
The purpose of this memo is to respond to the most frequently asked questions concerning the current volcanic ash crisis, notably in relation to the Commission's role in opening up Europe's airspace, while fully respecting safety requirements, to passenger rights and to the economic response for sectors hit by the crisis. Read more >

EBLIDA Response to the European Commission’s consultation "Content Online"

23 December 2009
Libraries exist for the public good and are scrupulous about adhering to the law. It is important for us that the law should be fair to non-commercial individuals and entities, and that it should be manageable. The exceptions to copyright are particularly important to us. Orphan works represent a resource which many libraries own and could exploit digitally for the public good if the law is changed. Read more >

EBLIDA submission to the European Commission Consultation: “Europeana: next steps”

23 November 2009
Read more >