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Tackling fake news and online misinformation

Date: 27 November 2020 to 27 November 2020
Location: Online event

This conference will examine the priorities for policy, regulation and industry action in tackling fake news and online misinformation.

The discussion is bringing stakeholders together with key policy officials who are due to attend from the Cabinet Office; DCMS; Ofcom; the CMA; GCHQ; the Home Office; the IPO; HMRC; the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation; The Scottish Government; and the Welsh Government.


The discussion at a glance:

  • assessing current key threats:
    • COVID-19 - the extent of the spread of online misinformation associated with the pandemic, and the work of the Rapid Response Unit
    • technology and health - looking at the rumours and campaigns in areas such as 5G and Anti-Vax
    • democratic institutions and processes - including reported attempts to influence elections, and targeted campaigns directed at political figures
    • online hate - misinformation directed at ethnic and other groupings and individuals in society
  • countermeasures:
    • effectiveness - assessing the strategies and action taken so far by online platforms and social media companies, and other mass media outlets
    • agility - how the response and the approach is changing to deal with new and emerging threats
    • technology - its role in speeding up identification of fake news, including the impact of AI
  • next steps - further measures that platforms, public bodies, regulators, campaigners and other stakeholders should implement to counteract the spread of misinformation online, including:
    • building resilience against coordinated disinformation
    • detection and takedown measures
    • warning messages and alerts for users who have engaged with misleading content online
    • building in ‘friction’ to content sharing
  • policy - assessing measures set out in the Government’s proposals to tackle online harms and how they relate to combating misinformation and online hate crimes:
    • the proposed statutory duty of care for online platforms towards their users
    • whether these measures go far enough in tackling the issues
  • regulation - priorities in an the evolving landscape, including what more can be done to work with online platforms and credit those who are taking proactive steps
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