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The 11th conference of the International Association for Research in L1 Education

Date: 15 June 2017 to 17 June 2017
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

The 11th conference of the International Association for Research in L1 Education

Cultures, Arts & Verbal Communication in L1 Education

June 15-17, 2017, Tallinn University (Estonia)

Started in 1997 by the founders of the international association for the improvement of mother tongue education Gert Rijlaarsdam (NL) and Ken Watson (Australia), the ARLE (former IAIMTE) conferences have 20 years tradition. For teachers and researchers in L1 language & literature education from dozens of countries all over the world, those biennial meetings have become awaited event.

The 11th conference of ARLE on 15-17 June, 2017 at Tallinn University, Estonia, will focus on integrating cultures and languages, arts and literatures, as well as on learning-teaching languages of schooling among other ones, all challenged by increase in cultural diversity and transnational virtual publics. With that focus, we hope to emphasise learning-teaching verbal and audio-visual arts; languages as a means of verbal communication of knowledge, cultures, styles, or self, and as a main means of understanding diverse human experience going back centuries.

Among others, we hope to meet many researchers uniting writing with reading or any kind of text-mediation; literature with visual or audio-visual arts; learning-teaching a native language with acquiring other languages, incl. English that young learners are living with, or integrating learning-teaching a local schooling-language in any special subject taught.

As usual for ARLE conferences, a broad field of methodological issues, final or preliminary results on topics of L1 and literature education is open for all. We welcome both results and demanding theoretical reviews or meta-analyses targeting text mastery, language awareness or proficiency, literary or pragmatic reading-writing; classroom instruction or learning materials for certain age-groups or students with special needs (incl. gifted students); L1-teacher education; content or ideology of national curricula and course-programs for language and/or literature, etc. as well as generalizations based on the best praxis.

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