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6th Kuopio Conference

Date: 14 March 2018 to 16 March 2018
Location: Basel, Switzerland

The 6th Kuopio Conference on aspects of print storage will be held in Basel, Switzerland, from Wed, March, 14, to Fri, March 16, 2018; the venue is at the University Library. Its title is A Matter of Trust: Cooperative Print Storage and Shared Archiving Initiatives, and it will present questions and solutions of central and distributed storage. Experts from Europe, the USA and Australia will talk about their projects and show that archiving print is complementing the digital turn, not competing it: the coordination of printed material storage on a national of even international level will become more important, as more and more digital content will be available.

The conference will focus on two main aspects: Cooperative storage facilities as service providers, and shared or distributed archiving initiatives. The presentation of detailed procedures will be important: how are shared initiatives set up, what are the obligations of its members, how can holdings be made visible, does de-duplication take place? What does it cost, and what business models are developed? Questions that keep practitioners as well as deciders busy – it is the nitty gritty details that make life interesting…

Additionally the book Repositories for Print: strategies for access, preservation and democracy will be presented. It is edited by Pentti Vattulainen and Steve O'Connor, and it will be published by de Gruyter just in time for the conference!

Five successful conferences were held in Kuopio, Finland. The sixth now takes place in Basel, Switzerland. This also allows a visit to the still new Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland – a perfect way to bring the conference to an inspiring end.


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