9-10 May 2016 - The Hague, Netherlands

24th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference

Preliminary Programme and Presentations

Theme introduction:

"Empowering Europe! Libraries opening up new perspectives"

Inspired by the EU-presidency themes, especially the Union’s aim to empower and protect all citizens, the programme accommodates libraries’ actual topics and concerns of opening up libraries to the outside world.

Inspiring keynote speeches and round-table will precede interactive work sessions on cutting-edge issues such as Open Access (data, government, etc.) from different perspectives, Skills and lifelong-learning (highlighting the role of libraries), Advocacy for libraries (from national to global level with a case study on eLending and among others, the question of copyright).

The work sessions will be followed by a wrapping-up and new perspectives on the future.


National Library of the NetherlandsProgramme: 9 May 2016


Optional Social Cultural Excursion Programme
[Meeting Point: National Library of the Netherlands]


Programme: 9 May 2016

10.30 – 12.00NAPLE Forum

NAPLE Board Meeting

(for NAPLE Board Members only)

Welcome: 10.00 hrs. (incl. coffee)

Venue: National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

13.00 – 16.30NAPLE Forum

NAPLE General Assembly

(for NAPLE Members only)

Welcome: 12.30 hrs. (incl. coffee)

Venue: National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

Download & print: Detailed information on venue and direction (PDF file)

13.30 – 16.30EBLIDA-logo

EBLIDA Council Meeting

(for EBLIDA Members only)

Welcome: 13.00 hrs. (incl. coffee)

Venue: The Hague Public Library (Bibliotheek Den Haag)
Haagse Lobby, 10th Floor

Download & print: Detailed information on venue and direction (PDF file)

17.00 – 18.00Bibliotheek-Den_Haag


Offered by The Hague Public Library (Bibliotheek Den Haag)

Host: Charles Noordam (Director of The Hague Public Library, EBLIDA Executive Committee Member & FOBID Netherlands Library Forum Board Member)

Venue: The Hague Public Library (Bibliotheek Den Haag)
10th Floor


Conference Dinner

Venue: Beach Club of Carlton Beach (Opposite Carlton Beach Hotel)
Gevers Deynootweg 201
2586 HZ Scheveningen/ Den Haag
Tel +31(0)70 322 94 12

Optional – Fee: € 40


National Library of the NetherlandsProgramme: 10 May 2016

2016 Conference:

"Empowering Europe! Libraries opening up new perspectives"

Venue: National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

09.00 – 10.00 

Conference Registration


Opening of the conference: Empowering Europe!

Day Chair: Bert Mulder (Associate Professor Information, Technology and Society, The Hague University, Netherlands)


Keynote: Libraries opening up new perspectives

Keynote: Influencing the European Parliament

(Cancelled - Keynote: Creative Europe, an opportunity for libraries to empower Europe)


Coffee break


Panel discussion Chaired by Bert Mulder




Work sessions:

Venue: National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

1. Civic Participation in Libraries

Room: Aula

Chair: Annette Kelly (NAPLE Chair)

Overall introduction: What do we mean by civic participation? Do we have different approaches across Europe and can we benefit from sharing our experiences to promote new strategies and best practice?
Participants will work with various questions introduced by Bert Mulder, and exemplified by the local situation in Portugal, asking and responding themselves:
When libraries play a role in and through civic participation does that change their role? When times are difficult and troubling, does the importance of a civic society change the place of libraries in society? Will they need to broaden their vision? In what way is civic participation related to 'literacy' and 'access to culture', access to science’? Do libraries need new competencies and what would these need to be?

2. The Butterfly effect: library advocacy (from country specific to global level)

Room: ROOM B.

Chair: Jean-Marie Reding (EBLIDA Executive Committee Member, Luxembourgish librarians', archivists' and documentalists' association (ALBAD) Vice President for European affairs)

The work session will help to get an overview of the opportunities and practices on library advocacy from national level to global level and how the Butterfly effect can be used and developed by library organiszations in their advocacy and lobbying work.
Participants will exchange ideas and viewpoints from e.g. government policy, European and international policy, relationship with publishers and other stakeholders.
It will also build on the outcomes of the Library Advocacy 4 EU event held in Brussels in February 2016.

3. Open Access and Libraries

Room: ROOM A.

Chair: Astrid van Wesenbeeck (Project manager and Open Access Officer, National Library of the Netherlands)

In this session you will learn about the current state of the open access movement, with extra attention for developments in the publishing industry, the European landscape and the output of the EU Open Science Conference 4-5 April.

To make possibilities and opportunities for libraries more concrete, the experiences of the Access to Research project in the UK will be shared with us. This will doubtlessly give food for discussion about what different stakeholders such as libraries and publishers can do to build bridges between scientific information and the wider audience.


End of Work sessions

(Please, all participants return to the Aula.)


Closing session

Room: Aula


Farewell drink



Empowerment through library cooperation, experiences from a Portuguese region