9-10 May 2016 - The Hague, Netherlands

24th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference

Moderator of Work Session 3: "Open Access and Libraries"

Astrid van Wesenbeeck

Project Manager and Open Access Officer, National Library of the Netherlands

Astrid van Wesenbeeck

After finishing a master in Dutch modern literature at Utrecht University, Astrid van Wesenbeeck started her career at Utrecht University Library as the managing editor of the open access journal International Journal of Integrated Care. Since the publishing business attracted her deeply she became publishing consultant for open access journals at Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services, an open access publishing unit at Utrecht University Library. She then got hooked up with the principles of open access and open science.

In 2010 she took the chance to bring the open access movement further at SPARC Europe, a network, lobby and advocacy organization for research libraries.

In the fall of 2011 she started as project leader and open access officer at the National Library of the Netherlands. Currently Astrid’s focus lies on reaching out to the new users of scientific research: citizens all over the world and especially in the Netherlands. What are their needs and which bridged need to be built between research output and this broad audience?