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EBLIDA Online Meetings 2020


Upcoming National Workshops

EBLIDA is organising a series of online national Think The Unthinkable Workshops. 

Think The Unthinkable National Workshops

The workshops will focus mainly on seeking funding opportunities for libraries within the European Structural and Investment Funds. National workshops are now being prepared with a series of kick-off meetings / preliminary workshops which are being held in national languages and will engage a community of libraries larger than that of  EBLIDA Members.  

The first three preparatory / kick off meetings take place in:

- Italy,
- The Netherlands and
- France.


ItalyIn Italy, on 30th October, a meeting preparatory to the national workshops is being organised in collaboration with “Rete delle Reti” (EBLIDA Members : AIB and CSBNO); the national workshop will be organised later in December. Gianni Stefanini, Valentina Bondesan, Simona Villa (representing CSBNO) and Cecilia Cognigni (representing AIB) will be present together with Giuseppe

Vitiello (EBLIDA Director). This workshop aims at identifying SDGs that are relevant for a national library strategy meeting what has already been identified as one of the four priorities in the Italian ESIF 2021-2027 : Culture as a vehicle for Social Cohesion. Some 10-15 representatives of Rete delle Reti will be present and will prepare a plan for the Rete delle Reti national workshop (in practice, all public library systems being relevant in Italy). 


NetherlandsThe kick-off meeting of a larger Expeditie.NL project is being organised in the Netherlands in collaboration with Bredebieb on 2nd November 2020. Contributors to the kick-off meeting will be Ton van Vlimmeren (President EBLIDA), Giuseppe Vitiello (director EBLIDA) and Maarten Crump (The Alignment House/Bredebieb)

Some fifteen library directors have already signed up for this kick off meeting whose aim is to list additional funding opportunities for Dutch libraries and prepare library projects to be discussed in the national workshop. 


FranceThe meeting preparatory to the TTU national workshop in France takes place on 24th November and is organised by EBLIDA Members ABF, BPI and ENSSIB. Contributors are Raphaëlle Bats (ENSSIB), Guillaume Gast (on behalf of the Montreuil libraries), Fabrice Chambon (director, Montreuil Libraries), interacting with Juliette Limouzin (Est Ensemble). The meeting, directly organised by EBLIDA, will be chaired by Giuseppe Vitiello, director EBLIDA and Eléonore Clavreul, in charge of national and international cooperation at BPI.

The aim of this workshop is to make the most out of a French ESIF 2014-2020 library experience which took place in the city of Montreuil. A vademecum concerning steps in filing applications with ESIF 2021-2027 will be drafted at the end of the Workshop, which will be attended by some 20-30 libraries.

Bibliothèques: l’Europe peut subventionner vos projets!

Bibliothèques: l’Europe peut subventionner vos projets!





24 November 2020
15:00  (CET)


More information

Past online Meetings - Archives

EBLIDA 28th Annual Council Meeting

EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting 28 October 2020


28 October 2020
14:30 – 17:30 (CET)

EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting (For EBLIDA members only)


 EBLIDA Online Workshops 13, 14 and 16 October 2020

13, 14 and 16 October 2020 - 14:30 - 17:00 (CET)

EBLIDA Online Workshops: "Think the Unthinkable"


More Information & Recordings


EBLIDA Webinar Series - June 2020

EBLIDA hosted a series of webinars focused on Sustainable Development Goals and Libraries, more particularly, why and how should Libraries implement SDGs.


EBLIDA-IFLA Webinar: "SDGs: EBLIDA and IFLA Approaches"

15 June 2020 


EBLIDA-Liber Webinar:"Citizen Science Supporting Sustainable Development Goals: The possible role of libraries"

23 June 2020



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