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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.

"Lobbying for Libraries"

Culture and Information Society

Cultural diversity is at the core of the European Union while maintaining a high-level of Culture is an important constituency of libraries missions.
European Institutions pay much attention to Culture and since 2007 especially promote cultural diversity and dialogue, culture as a catalyst for creativity and innovation and culture as part of the EU's international relations. However, Culture is more and more seen as an economic sector and the European Commission is shifted its Culture Programme towards a Creative Europe programme, where Culture would be seen also from a Creative Industry perspective.
As important as Culture is the question of the Information society. Information as well as Culture has become an important economic and political sector. With the fast development of the Internet and the increasing means to access to it, Information has become a real focus for European Institutions, and therefore for EBLIDA.
Therefore EBLIDA maintains a good general awareness of European cultural and information society issues, especially where libraries and archives are concerned, and disseminate relevant information concerning these issues to EBLIDA members. EBLIDA makes proposals and formulates position statements to the European institutions regarding cultural issues so as to improve the position of libraries and archives in relation to this area.
EBLIDA cooperates and works with other organizations and institutions for these purposes by, for example, sharing information and best practices.
EBLIDA is relying on its Expert Group on EBLIDA Literacies that is central to the lobbying activities of the organisation.

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