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The voice of Libraries in Europe!

The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.

"Lobbying for Libraries"

Advocacy and Lobbying for libraries in Europe

Since 1992, EBLIDA's main goal is to lobby for libraries in Europe.

EBLIDA lobbies to defend and promote the interests of the library, archive and information sectors and professionals in Europe, mainly following the policy agenda of the European Commission.

The lobbying efforts of EBLIDA operate in two ways:

  • Influencing the European and International institutions and organisations;
  • Providing support to national member organisations.
Influencing European Institutions and officials and achieving positive results is not a straightforward task. There are many possibilities for action, but often a combined effort is required to achieve a successful outcome. EBLIDA acts mainly through its Secretariat, headed by the Director, who is responsible for the management of relations with the European Institutions and international organisations.
As regards members, it is EBLIDA‘s commitment to encourage, inspire and support their national lobbying actions, providing the necessary alerts and background information when action is required towards a certain policy goal.
It is crucial for EBLIDA’s lobbying activities that statements and Position Papers in relation to a certain subject, are carefully prepared, issued and disseminated, in order to maintain and develop institutional and political relations.
In 2009, EBLIDA together with NAPLE proposed a Library policy for Europe (also known as the Vienna Declaration). A unified Europe, offering equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens, needs a common European library policy in order to ensure equal and unrestricted access to information, education and culture for all European citizens. At the joint conference of EBLIDA and the NAPLE Forum, held in Vienna in May 2009, it was agreed to strengthen the role and potential of the library service throughout Europe in supporting the European Knowledge Society. Accordingly EBLIDA is working with strategic partners on the basis of the Vienna Declaration to move towards a Library Policy for Europe.
Following that path, EBLIDA continued in 2012 with a position paper "European Libraries and the challenges of e-publishing" released during the joint conference EBLIDA and NAPLE forum held in Copenhagen (Denmark) in May 2012.


If you are interested in discovering more about this action, read more on the following page.

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