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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.

LIBLEG - Working Group on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe

Aims and goals

  • Investigating into the current situation and developments in library legislation and policy in Europe and identifying most innovative aspects / features;
  • Revising the Council of Europe-EBLIDA Guidelines for library legislation and policy in Europe;
  • Drafting the Final Report on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe.


Since LIBLEG activities impact on library policy and planning, the LIBLEG Working Group will meet EGIL and ELSIA experts regularly in order to bring in-field experience to the work undertaken by the two other groups and, vice versa, to get direction on issues which may have an impact on library legislation, policy and other information laws. The three groups should routinely make their minutes and any relevant papers available to each other so they are aware of decisions taken and of further action to be made.

Members of LIBLEG


Giuseppe Vitiello

Giuseppe Vitiello
Director EBLIDA



  • Vanya Graskina  (Bulgaria)
  • Lenka Maixnerová (Czech Republic)    
  • Dominique Lahary (France)    
  • Emilie Terrier (France)   
  • Barbara Schleihagen  (Germany)    
  • Anthi Katsirikou (Greece)
  • Stavroula Kouri (Greece)
  • Andris Vilks (Latvia)
  • Dragos-Adrian Neagu (Romania)
  • Óscar Arroyo (Spain)
  • Zélia Parreira (Portugal)



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