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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.

Guidelines for Executive Committee

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The EBLIDA Executive Committee is the main steering body in place to help ensure that EBLIDA reaches its’ strategic goals.

EBLIDA Executive Committee (EC) members are elected by the Council every 3 years (renewable once upon election).

The EC has power to establish and dissolve Standing Committees, Expert Groups, and ad hoc Committees, and to appoint their chairpersons. The EC is also responsible for the appointment of the Director, who is the head of the Secretariat.

According to EBLIDA Constitution, the EC consists of at least 4 and no more than 10 Full Members of the Association, subject to the decision of the Council, and the President of the Association.


EBLIDA Executive Committee - what to expect

The EC normally meets three times a year:

  • Once in February/March;
  • Once in October/November.


The actual EBLIDA year runs from May to April, as mirrored in the Annual Report. An EC term usually entails 9 meetings in total (excluding other opportunities or events).

Location is different for every meeting and takes place in a location proposed by the host organisation.

Important notice: For EC meetings, travel, accommodation and sustenance costs should be covered by EC member’s employer or organisation and are not covered by the EBLIDA budget.

EC members are expected to attend each meeting, or to inform the Secretariat by email in case of lack of availability.

Members of the Executive Committee failing to attend three meetings of the Executive Committee in succession, shall be assumed to have relinquished their membership

Tasks and requirements of the Executive Committee

  • To submit an annual report on activities, as well as the annual budget and accounts of the Association to the Council;
  • To submit an annual programme of activities to the Council;
  • To submit the membership structure and the annual membership fee;
  • To submit decisions on membership admission in accordance with the Articles 5 sub b and 6 to the Council, in order to obtain an authorised decision or confirmation, respectively, by the Council.

Requirements and expectations of being a Member of the Executive Committee

  • Regular e-mail traffic from the EBLIDA office requesting approval of documents, such as responses to public consultations, statements, sometimes on a tight deadline;
  • Reading the weekly report sent by the Director to the EC to keep informed about EBLIDA activities;
  • Occasional representation at conference/events if/when the Director/President cannot attend;
  • Contribution and reporting on activities of representation and others for the Annual Report;
  • Helping to define the 3 year EBLIDA Strategy;
  • Contributing to building the EBLIDA Work Programme, breaking down work tasks to be carried out;
  • EC members are encouraged to get more involved in our day to day activities, by establishing an active participation in EC meeting and sometimes in ad hoc working groups;
  • Making use of opportunities to promote EBLIDA and help find additional financial sources either through recruiting new members and/or suggesting and actively contacting potential sponsors;
  • We also encourage active engagement from our EC members around recruiting new members to EBLIDA, by touching base with potential members and providing feedback to the EC and EBLIDA Secretariat.
  • Promoting the policies and programmes of EBLIDA within National Associations and more widely within their own country;
  • Supporting the President and Director when appropriate in advocacy activities at a European level.

How to become an Executive Committee Member
The procedure

In accordance with the EBLIDA Constitution Article 32:

“At least two weeks before the Council meeting for which elections are announced, each interested full member notifies the Secretariat in writing of its wish to stand. This notification contains the name of the person who will represent the member in the Executive Committee after its election as well as a substitute representative. It is signed on behalf of the full member and by its representative to be.

The Secretariat notifies the Eblida members of the aforesaid notifications.

If an elected member on the Executive Committee wishes to change his representative during the term, he is authorised to do so. To validate this change the member must notify the Secretariat in writing.

A representative can be re-appointed consecutively once only.”

Benefits of being an EBLIDA Executive Committee Member

  • Opportunity to effect change within the library community both at national and at European level;
  • Being part of a growing community of library professionals and several networking opportunities with policy makers, MEPs and other influential people;
  • Becoming a key influencer in the library field at European level and beyond;
  • Stepping stone to more international platforms;
  • Boosting a good career/political move;
  • Gaining a close insight into how other library organisations and communities are working,
  • Benchmarking ideas and opportunities;
  • Being the “first to know” about changes happening at EU level;
  • Discovering and experiencing other European cultures, socialising and engaging with people from other cultures. Friendships are made, many lasting and enduring!
  • Learning to think continental / get a continental view.


For more information please consult the EBLIDA Constitution, in particular CHAPTER VIII: THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.


[Updated on 29-01-2018]

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