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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation and archive associations and institutions in Europe.

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Guidelines for EBLIDA President

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EBLIDA President is the public representative of EBLIDA. He/she is elected by the Council every 3 years. He/she is also the chairperson of the Executive Committee and chairs the Annual Council with the assistance of the Director.

The President, unlike Executive Committee members, does NOT have to be a representative of a Full Member of EBLIDA (EBLIDA Constitution Article 31).

Both Full and Associate members of EBLIDA are eligible to nominate a President.

EBLIDA Presidency - what to expect

Important notice: Due to budget constraints, EBLIDA cannot realistically cover all the costs of travel of the President.
As a result, the EBLIDA budget allows for a small amount to fund travel if necessary. Preferably, the President’s travel, accommodation and sustenance costs should ideally be covered by his/her employer or organisation.

Article 33 of Constitution stipulates: The Vice President and the substitute representatives are fully authorised to act as President and representatives respectively in meetings of the Executive Committee in case of absence of the President and the representatives.

Tasks and requirements of the President

  • The President shall ensure the continuity of the policies of the Association between meetings of the Executive Committee [Constitution, art. 58]
  • The Director, head of the Secretariat, shall be under the President's supervision [Constitution, art. 58];
  • The President chairs the EC meetings 3 times a year and chairs the Annual Council: Should the President be unable to attend, he/she must then ask the Vice President or another EC member to take over his/her duties. The EC meets in February/March, in May (during the EBLIDA Annual Council/Conference), and in October/November;
  • Official representation of EBLIDA at different events (esp. IFLA WLIC, and library-related events, around 13 events per year);
  • Legal representation of the association for all formal procedures, including requests for grants, projects, including registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, also registration at the bank(s) requiring a visit to the bank(s) to sign papers. The President is the only person authorised to sign certain documents, therefore occasional speedy signing and scanning/posting of documents will be required;
  • Writing the monthly editorial of the Newsletter;
  • Frequent contact with EBLIDA Director about ongoing work;
  • Providing leadership and direction on EBLIDA 3 year Strategy;
  • Leading discussions and decisions made about EBLIDA Work Programme;
  • Addressing regular e-mails from the EBLIDA office requesting approval of documents, such as responses to public consultations, statements, etc.;
  • Reading the weekly report by the Director to the EC keeping them informed about EBLIDA activities and developments;

Working together with the EC

  • To submit an Annual Report on activities, as well as the Annual Budget and accounts of the Association, to the Council;
  • To submit an annual programme of activities to the Council;
  • To submit the membership structure and the annual membership fee;
  • To submit decisions on membership admission in accordance with the Articles 5 sub b and 6 to the Council, in order to obtain an authorised decision or confirmation, respectively, by the Council.

How to become a President - the procedure

In accordance with the EBLIDA Constitution Article 33:

1. The President of the Association shall be elected on the basis of a nomination, in writing and signed by at least three members (full and/or associate). This nomination and the signed acceptance by the nominee are notified to the Secretariat at least two weeks before the Council meeting for which the elections are announced.

2. The Secretariat notifies the EBLIDA members of the aforesaid notifications.

3. The Vice President is appointed by the Executive Committee in its first meeting after the elections from the aforesaid representatives.

4. The Treasurer is appointed by the Executive Committee in its first meeting after the elections from the aforesaid representatives.

Benefits of being an EBLIDA President

  • Opportunity to effect change within the library community both at national and at European level;
  • Being part of a growing community of library professionals and several networking opportunities with policy makers, MEPs and other influential people;
  • Becoming a key figure in the European library sector;
  • Participating in different fora from high-level Institutions (EU, Council of Europe, etc.);
  • Becoming a key influencer in the library field at European level and beyond;
  • Stepping stone to more international platforms;
  • Boosting a good career/political move;
  • Gaining a close insight into how other library organisations and communities are working,
  • Benchmarking ideas and opportunities;
  • Being the “first to know” about changes happening at EU level;
  • Discovering and experiencing other European cultures, socialising and engaging with other cultures. Friendships are made, some lasting and enduring!


For more information please consult the EBLIDA Constitution, in particular CHAPTER VIII: THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and CHAPTER IX: THE PRESIDENT.


[Updated on 29-01-2018]

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