Theme: European Structural Funds and Libraries: the win-win approach

29th EBLIDA Annual Conference

About the Conference



With a report published in September 2020, EBLIDA launched the “Think The  Unthinkable” (TTU) strategy, consisting of setting up a post-Covid library agenda meeting sustainable development goals to be funded through European Structural and Investment Funds 2021-2027. The first step of this strategy was the organisation of nine workshops: three of them (October 2020) were Europe-oriented; the others were organised by various organisations in six different countries, as follows: 

All national workshops took a specific approach, meeting the needs of the libraries where they took place and the specific configuration of ESI Funds and SDGs in each country. The aim of the 11th June EBLIDA Conference is to cross fertilize experiences of, and approaches to, TTU in the six countries and offer the results of this approach to EBLIDA Members and the public as a whole. 






Why this conference is important for European Libraries?

Short video introduction by Giuseppe Vitiello, EBLIDA Director